Commonwealth Communications Army Network


The Amoy Quee camp,  situated on the Yio Chu Kang Road just a few kilometres to the south of RAF Seletar, was COMCAN's radio receiver station in Singapore.   

Communication was by means of Single Sideband (SSB)  and Carrier Frequency Shift (CFS) transmissions from London, Nairobi, Melbourne and Hong Kong.  The signals received were sent onward by land line to drive teleprinters in GHQ, or forwarding via the high powered transmitters at Chin Bee.




237 Signal Squadron (Comcan) I and a staff sgt. were in Brunei Dec15th 1962 until feb 1963.We set up comms in a wagon alongside the school where we were billeted.I was a telemech based at Tanglin until 1964 and was at that time billeted at Amoy Quee. Thanks to R.J.Bowers for this entry.